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May 2020: Miriam Demirates (1996-98) is trying to find Helen Barley - does anyone know her whereabouts and how she is? Miriam says " I believe she went off to study in Edinburgh or Glasgow after we finished A levels. She was in my Bio, Chemistry and Maths classes 😁 She was also a lifeguard in her spare time! I remember I once volunteered to be her ‘body’ to rescue for a lifeguard."


March 2020: Neroli Barnes (Allen, 1979-86) is trying to trace Mrs. Jackson who taught her in about 1980. Neroli  thinks she was probably a prep/transition teacher but Mrs Jackson taught her music.


January 2020: Mary Panter (Noble, 1967-71) is searching for former friends Deborah Eborn and Aleia Scher and also Anna Day and Clarissa Kilwick.

Jane Fowlie (Badger, 1965-72) and Caroline Bradley (Edgcumbe-Rendle, 1969-75 ) also remembered the names and would love to have news.


January 2020: S O'N(-1997) asked for news of Doyin Eleso who went to Eastbourne College from SMH. 

This is a list of those Old Girls with whom we have lost contact since 2009, mostly due, we believe, to a house move or change of email.

If any members are in touch please would you let them know we would like to be reconnected? Several attempts by telephone and letter were made to find them before we reluctantly removed them from the active database.                                If you have any information then please Get in Touch


Barbara Woolf (Stewart 1950-60), Margaret (Maggie) Lindley (1963-67), Gabrielle (Gay) Allen (Horley 1960-68), Marion Saunders (Murdoch 1970-72), Amanda Staley (Weston 1975-78), Sarah Jane Ashford (Hunt, 1973-80), Sarah Elizabeth Anne Humphrey (1973-81), Alice Mallen (Tarrant 1985-87), Kat (Ka Wun) Chan (2002-2004), Judy Hollands (1999-2006), Becky Weatherley (2001-2009), Kim-Alina Grieger (years not known).


As well as checking both databases on this page, we recommend asking in the Virtual Common Room as this is a huge network with tentacles stretching everywhere! If this fails, please let us have your request to add to these. We will announce successes!

April 15/2020 - Carole Williams (Bartlett, 1955-58) has been refound!

September 19th 2020  - Liz Hamilton (Downey 1973-79) has rejoined us.

                                         Rachael Stewart (Gordon) 1991- 98 found not to have been missing after all!

                                         Claire Tickner (1982-91)

Updated Members Database

The latest version of the members database to 1 September 2020 is available to download  here.

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Please note that this database is in an Excel spreadsheet. If you are not familiar with this format, basic notes follow below, with detailed guidance, including screenshots in this PDF.

Open the Excel document and ‘save’ it to your device. (Depending on what type of device you have (PC, Laptop, Tablet etc.) and what software you use (Windows, Mac, OpenOffice etc.), you may first need to ‘Enable Editing’.)  You can then do anything you want with it – it has become your sheet.  The most commonly wanted functions are:

(a) You want to check your own entry.

You can either scroll down to see your name (the sheet is sorted by ‘name at school, with staff at the bottom) or you can search for your name (see (b))

Once you have found your entry if there are any errors, email us ASAP - Get in Touch

The online database is corrected every three months; our master copy is amended immediately.

(b) You want to find a particular person, let’s say ‘Penny Harrison’

Press Ctrl + F. A search box will open and you can type in either ‘Penny’ or ‘Harrison’ and ‘find next’ Each place in the sheet where the name occurs will be shown to you as you press the ‘enter’ key to move through them.

(c) You want to find everyone who lives in your postcode/your county/your country.

You can do this EITHER by adding ‘filters’ to the sheet by highlighting the whole sheet and pressing ‘sort/filter’ and adding the filter function, then filtering the column you want to look through OR by “sorting” the whole sheet by using the ‘custom sort’ facility.


 If you have any questions or need further assistance please Get in Touch and we will endeavour to help.

 Please Note:

The onus is upon each member to check their own personal information on this document and to report errors or changes to us. (You can email us, using the link below). Your email address will appear unless you expressly opt out of this. Members of SMHA who have registered their email addresses with us hear from us quarterly with updates and information about upcoming events, news of their contemporaries and, of course, details of the lucky winners of the 100 Club! If you have changed your email address and lost touch with us please drop us a line with your new contact details to re-establish this communication. Get in Touch

Friends No Longer with Us

If you are looking for a friend and cannot find her on the database it may be that, sadly, she is no longer with us. This list has been compiled from news and obituaries in newsletters going back many years and will be updated regularly. Please do let us know of any omissions, or if you have a comment you would like added next to a name.

It is in the same format as the members database, an Excel Spreadsheet, and by clicking on the button below, the most recent spreadsheet will be downloaded to your computer. (Last update September 2020)

NOTE: following download you will have to open the file either by clicking on the image showing it in the corner of your screen which will look something like this:




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Reunion Attendance 2005-2009, 2013 & 2014

We have recently compiled a list of those members who attended reunions from 2005-2009 and those reunions which took place from 2013 and 2014, these two being scanned from our Visitors’ Book.

We are aware of omissions in the visitors’ book so if you look at 2013 / 2014 and do not see your name, but know you were there please email  us and we will amend the database.

It is also possible that errors crept into the lists for the period 2005-2009 so do please let us know if you attended and are not listed / are listed but did not attend!

Please click here to download the Excel spreadsheet.

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