Assorted Reunions, Meetings and Events

We have been approached by Shirley Read-Jahn asking us to share this video, taken about six years ago (2015). Shirley, Pam Bailey (Shirley's sister), Rowan Fookes and Penny Fitton met up after many years and this was a short record of their meeting. They were at SMH in the mid/late 1950s. Unfortunately, Rowan passed away October of 2020 - her details can be found on our In Memoriam page on the website.

Shirley tells us "You'll hear us discussing how Rowan (nee Cawkell) chucked an inkwell at the then headmistress, Miss Conrady, and was immediately expelled. For you youngsters, an inkwell was to dip your pen in, or, more recently, to fill your pen up with liquid ink!"

It was obviously a wonderful reunion, clearly virtually no time had passed at all.