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2018 (onward) School Reunions

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The second "Virtual Common Room Reunion"

(with many non-VCR members also welcomed) - 6th July 2019

Those present were:  Margaret Rawlings (Cook 1958-62), Angelica Meletiou (1957-63) Pat Sanders, Frances Bearn (Moojen 1955-63), Christine Edmondson (Bean 1952-59), Jean Ellis (1954-63), Judith Patten (1950-60), Liz Males (Cockburn 1948-59), Ruth Wiffen (Bradbrooke 1953-57)  Virginia Craig (Jackson 1961-66), Micki Aston (Sheftell 1960-66), Penny Wright (Strachan 1947-57), Susan McDonagh (1969-76), Sian Spencer (Williams 1967-77, Sue Burroughes (Anker 1960-64), Ann Trustrum (1979-84), Lindsey Milton (Bradbury 1962-66), Jo Stubbs (Podd 1977-84), Shelley Fergusson (1954-64), Sarah Naish (1977-84) and Penny Barnes (Ryall/Hunt 1957-61).

The first three images below have the names of attendees, in order, (hover over the square to see image or click on each image to enlarge), so they can be easily identified in the remaining photos. (Penny Barnes is missing from the group photos - but can be seen in other images wearing a purple top.)

Unless otherwise noted, all photos credited to Micki Aston.

The inaugural “Virtual Common Room Reunion” -  2 June 2018

Micki Aston (Sheftell, 1960-66) Lindsey Milton (Bradbury, 1962-66),  Alison Herga (Edmonds, 1963-70), Heather Wright (Stevens 1961-66), Susan McDonagh (1969-76), Susanne Rea (Nicholls, 1956-61), Sian Spencer (Williams, 1967-77), Jane Fowlie (Badger, 1965-72), Jean Ellis (1954-63), Penny Barnes (Ryall/Hunt 1957-61), Marilyn Colman (Johnstone, 1963-70),  Angelica Meletiou (1957-63) and Virginia Craig (Jackson 1961-66) pictured at this Reunion, suggested and arranged by Micki.