In Memoriam

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Julie Cowley - PE Teacher ~1954-57 - Passed away July 2020

Susan Boyle (Harrison, 1974-81) reported the sad loss of her Godfather's wife, who was at SMH as a very young PE teacher. Susan's Godfather told her that Julie was that proverbial all-rounder when it came to sports: she played lacrosse for Wales, and for the Brighton Seagulls and at some point also played on the Kent Ladies Cricket team. She was also an excellent tennis player. She later went on to teach at another school in Hove, and later was deputy head of St. Mary's Ascot. Shirley Read-Jahn (1954-61) was among those Old Girls who recalled Miss Cowley and sent us this photograph of Mrs. Eggleton and Miss Cowley (dark hair, on the right) on a school skiing trip in 1957.


N. Olwen Davies - Headmistress (1965-1973) - Passed away 21st June 2020, aged 94.


Heather Ford - Head of P.E. - Passed away 1994.

(also reference to Mr Williamson, who passed away c 1996)


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