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As members know, we regrettably had to cancel the 2020 Reunion. Unfortunately, as things regarding the Covid -19 pandemic remain unsettled we have taken the decision not to go ahead in 2021 either.

We hope to hold a Reunion Lunch in 2022 and will update members through the December 2021 quarterly email update

From time to time members ask us for assistance in finding friends with whom they have lost touch. These requests are on our “Find a friend” page and we would ask all members to check them out in case they can assist.

Members Database

The Members' Database will be updated regularly, and if in doubt, the 'How to Use the Database' guide is immediately below the link to the most recent database.

Amendments and additions are made to almost every page of the website regularly during the year to reflect the activities of the Association and of its Management Team. Please do check out all pages to benefit from these updates.

Newsletters are no longer circulated. Instead, members are briefed regularly on changes and updates to this website.

March 2021 - We’re pleased to report that we now have only 11 sets of black and white notelets (featuring Tania Hurt-Newton (Hurt, 1978-83)’s illustration) and 12 sets of coloured ones of Miss Jones’ 1847 watercolour of the Hall. If you can provide a UK mailing address you’re more than welcome to contact us to order these which are available for £5 for one set or £10 for three sets. Each set contains ten notelets and envelopes and

the price includes P&P.

At the recent Team meeting we agreed to launch the sale of the last 400 postcards

of the watercolour. These can be ordered by emailing and cost £5 for twenty, £10 for fifty including P&P.

Available within UK only.

Among the items which have been updated on this site recently is a lovely

programme for a 1955 production of “The Boy with a Cart” which

Heather Johnson (Heald 1948-57) kindly loaned to us to scan.

The production also featured Penelope Wilton’s sister Rosemary, as Cuthman’s mother (acting definitely ran in that family!).  Jane Gillmore (Bayly, 1952-58), Ruth Wiffen (Bradbrooke, 1953-57) Judy Page (Coate, 1952-59), Dorothy Cook (Stranack, 1949-56) and Mary Phillpott (Howell-Davies, 1950-58) are some of the other OGs still with us who also took part. 

Heather also loaned us a prospectus of the school which was new to us. This type of document is always of interest so if you have any bits and pieces tucked away and can either scan them yourself or send them to us for scanning it would be much appreciated.  This prospectus was unusual not only in its format but because the name of the Head as printed had been crossed out and Miss H Robinson’s name written in. Frugality was always the watchword, it seems!


We are delighted that we continue to attract new members, including Marion Paton (Fardell, 1952-58) Another new member joined us because she was looking for information on her ‘examination boards’. Within ½ hour of joining the Virtual Common Room Kate Light (Holt, 1994-96) had the answers she needed. By one of life’s strange coincidences, within a week of this Amanda Hunter (Worgan) who left in the same year, contacted us with the same query. So we were able to add her to the members’ list and point her straight to the answer! What a great network we provide – because of YOU.


It took more than a bit of lockdown to

prevent fifteen of the Girls of 1950-60

from getting together! Judith Patten

kindly sent us this great Reunion photo,

taken by Nicky Bruton.

Top row: Judith Patten, Nicky Bruton

(Bennetts), Anne Bethell (Valentine),

Louise 'Chubby' Crawford (Nixon)

Next row down:

Patricia Doswell (de Juanes), Lamorna

'Morny' Pike (Pritchett), Sue 'Foxy'

Reynolds (Redwood), Rosemary 'Tubby'

Tyron (Buck)

Going down:

Jill Steiner (Soundy), Mary Cunliffe

(Cole), Jan Strachan (Dunnett), Amanda

Hobson (Hobson Jones)

Bottom row: Mariota 'Oats' Fardell (Gresty), Elizabeth Colin Jones (Williams), Suzy Duncan

Sadly Ann 'Milly' Martin (Slaughter) and Carole Williams (Bartlett) were unable to join on this occasion.

If others of you have managed to meet up virtually, please do tell us.


Thank you so much, all of you who have bought ‘lines’ in this year’s 100 Club!

Congratulations to the first three months’ winners.

2021’s first prize is £17.70/month and second prize is £11.80/month. So even a second prize comes close to recouping the cost of one line!

Prize winners are notified individually and results are published in the Common Room.

100 Club rules are available here.

If you would like to join for 2022 then please email Lis Eastham: and she will put you on the list for next year.


The full notes from our annual Team Meeting (held virtually, on 6th March 2021) and our suite of administrative documents, can be found on our Administration Page. They include the SMHA accounts for 2020. We encourage all members to review the accounts. As always, you have until September to query anything, following which they will be formally approved. We’re most grateful to Sian Spencer who was able to liaise with the Independent Examiner electronically to get these signed off; also to Melanie Heidler for her input.


Our Virtual Common Room on Facebook ( is as busy as ever and we welcome new additions.

To join in simply click the link above and, when prompted, enter your email address as the answer to the question.

Facebook is only one aspect of our networking. Please be assured that this website and your quarterly e-mail news updates are just two other ways those members unable/unwilling to use FB are able to enjoy. We remain committed to communicating with each of our 1000+ members and this includes telephone calls and letters to those with no internet access if they have requested it.


Some local members have been asking us what the scaffolding around the main school building over the winter of 2020/21 was for. Thanks to Sue Carnochan we can report it was ‘just’ for painting.  Sue also confirmed that the tiles from the floor of Charlotte Elliott’s Arbour are still in situ and are being well conserved.


January 2021 - Various amendments to the website continue, including the addition of further photos and documents unearthed from members’ lofts, basements, garages and trunks and we very much appreciate these, which add to our on-line archive and to the pleasure of members looking at these pages. If you find anything we might like, please contact us! We have the facilities to scan items, if you wish, and can return hard copies / reimburse postage.

2021 brought with it a reduction in our Team membership. “Now we are four”. We would love to hear from more recent leavers who may wish to be involved even on the fringes of our work. While we’re all very happy to undertake the duties running the Association involve, we are not immortal…Please contact us to find out more.​

We still have ten or so members with no access to the internet. Through the good offices of our members most of these now have ‘twins’ who contact them from time to time to keep them abreast of the news. Sadly, at the turn of the year, this included passing on the news of the loss of an Old Girl, Marigold (June) Mack, whose obituary has been added to our In Memoriam page. Memories of June came back to us from two or three members to whom we emailed the news and two of them offered to telephone/write to contemporaries who are not online. The Team regards it as crucial to ensure that members are not disadvantaged too much by not having access to our website (etc.). If anyone in any of the following areas would like to be a ‘twin’ please contact us.

Haywards Heath; Ipswich; Colchester; Shoreham-by-Sea; Lymington; Southampton; Peacehaven; Woburn Sands

We write, each year, to those who do not have SMH ‘twins’. The news is compiled by a member, topped by a brief note from our Team Manager, tailed with a summary of the accounts and printed and posted through the kindness of other members. A real team effort. Thank you all – you know who you are!


In 2020 we welcomed our first Old Boy – Simon Standage – in June. He is a “notable former student” who began his career as a violinist of great distinction with lessons at SMH in 1947/8. Simon was one of several who found us through the new website; another being the son/brother of Joan Nolda (Drury, 1927-35) who was a ‘Nellie Jones’ scholar  / Rosemary Matthews (Nolda, 1953-60). Rosemary “Nol” died in 2010 but her memory lives on in the minds and hearts of her contemporaries. He was fulsome in his praise for our camaraderie and efficiency.

Earlier items originally featured in Latest News can be found in our History and Items of Interest as well as in Galleries. Please do progress from this page to look round the whole site to maximise your enjoyment.