Milestone Birthdays

Miss Doris Conrady (passed February 1999) turns 90, March 1994

Names where known... Miss Doris Conrady seated in chair

Back Row, hand on chair, N Olwen Davies; next to her behind chair, Pamela James with Olive Leslie right of her (as seen).

Between and behind PJ/OL is Miss Laura Bristol. Next to OL is Mrs Cynthia Palmer, formerly Miss Fabian. Next to curtain, last but one on the right, Miss Margaret Payne. Extreme right at back Mrs Sheasby.

Bottom row, left Jane Wharton (Alsop), next Frances Moojen (Bearne). gap then Gilly Synge.

Miss N. Olwen Davies (passed June 2020) turns 90 - 21st March 2016

"Dear Friends

The most pleasurable event of my past year has been the celebration of my 90th birthday, and I am grateful for the opportunity to thank members of the Association for their very kind and generous gifts together with all the cards and messages. It was lovely to hear from so many of you; the beautiful booklet of comments and memories is a real treasure which I will continue to enjoy in the future. I have recently had some health problems so more energetic celebrations were rather low-key and confined to close family. My niece, who lives next door and has been my main prop and stay in recent months, organised a party in her house so that I could retreat to mine when my stamina ran out! The age range was 90 - 2 years with all the new additions and attachments of the last few years - some of whom were meeting for the first time - and even family pets were included! My greetings and love to all Olwen Davies"

Noddy's birthday.png


Laura celebrated her 90th Birthday on 11th May 2018. The date also marked 30 years of retirement for her. Everyone who wished to was invited to donate to an 'Association' Present for her and also to send messages to be combined into a Birthday card. The Present consisted of a Hamper of surprise goodies, an Orchid, a Garden Centre gift voucher and a donation to a charity who provide books for people who, for one reason or another , are deprived of reading material.

Images of 'The Card', with messages from individuals can be seen below. ( Click on the first 'Thumbnail' to open it to a readable size - then click NEXT to move to the next one).

Miss Laura Bristol turns 90 - 11th May 2018

Miss Armstrong (now Jessie Redfern) turns 90 - 11th January 2019

Those at school between 1958 and 1966 will undoubtedly remember 'Miss Armstrong' and many of us who network in the Virtual Common Room enjoy seeing occasional comments from the now Jessie Redfern.

We were delighted therefore to be able to send her birthday greetings for 11th January. Thanks to an efficient PO Jessie had her card in good time and emailed us to say:"Would you kindly thank everyone for my 90th birthday card. It was a lovely surprise to see the birthday wishes: “My girls, those who taught with me and all my SMHA friends.” I feel very thrilled to be remembered in this way and send my love to you all.  Jessie Redfern (Armstrong)" 

Cynthia Palmer (Miss Fabian) turns 80 - 24th November 2019

written by Penny Harrison (Titheradge)

This image is of the birthday card sent from us to Cynthia Palmer (Miss Fabian), known to OGs & staff from 1966-83 as a teacher of French and Classics and/or as Deputy Head. Cynthia and I had our daughters in the same year and we also both become grandmothers in 2019! Cynthia’s daughter had a little boy, Tristan. I showed the image of the card to OGs in the Common Room on 24th November. Annabel Marx (Burns), Chris Ellison, Caroline Hearne (Simmons), Jeanette Smith (Cureton), Gaynor McKinnon (Jupe), Tricia Searl (Swalwell), Angie Risley (Charles), Penny Wade, Tracey van Putten (Campbell), Sarah Hall (Hollingsworth), Helen Nixon (Crittal), Melanie Morrison, Melissa Earle (Royle), Vicky Brown, Gill Smith (Walsh), Sara Grabauskas (Keaveny), Susan McDonagh, Terry Damm, Nicola Sampson (James), Shana Duthie (Freshley), Sam Oakeshott (Surridge), Benice Deann Gross (Rents), Sian Spencer (Williams), Sarah Collett, (Kentish) and Jenny Child all wished her a very "Happy Birthday!" Jane Fowlie (Badger) added "You taught me in the early 70's. You were a superb teacher...I should have worked a bit harder!" Anna Tinner said  "You were my French teacher back in the 70’s, and I was always the naughty one, but thanks to you I can still speak French today” Nicky Fraser (Roberts) agreed “You taught me French so well.”  Lesley Clifford said: “Happy birthday Miss Fabian. French was one of my favourite subjects at school.”