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Miss Meades’ history of the first 120 years of St Mary’s Hall.


"Revd. Henry Venn Elliott had visited the clergy daughter school at Cowan Bridge, (later Casterton School), attended by Charlotte and Emily Bronte (and the inspiration for Jane Eyre) founded in 1832 by the Revd. Carus Wilson and was keen that there should be "a similar institution in the South".

The pupils were "destined to be governesses" and Henry Venn Elliott considered Brighton as the place to build the school........"



Our Founder, Henry Venn Elliott and his family deserve wider recognition! This link connects you with Brighton and Hove Discoverer’s fascinating article.


My Brighton and Hove. This article refers to the school in 1990 and includes information, not all of which is available in the various Histories of the school in our possession. We are grateful to 'My Brighton and Hove' for permission to include it.


School Closure 2009

A press release on the St Mary's Hall & Roedean merger .



Written by Commander Martin, School Bursar in the 1970's.

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A Victorian St Mary's Hall Pupil - Sarah Jane Isabella Wolff Alexander - born 10th November 1826........

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Charlotte Elliott (18 March 1789 – 22 September 1871) was an English poet, hymn writer and editor. 

Charlotte, third daughter of Charles Elliott, a silk merchant of Clapham and Brighton and sister to Henry Venn Elliott, ... 

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Douglas D'Enno, son of SMH Old Girl Anne-Marie Burns who was a pupil at the school in the 1920s, has written a fascinating book about East Brighton and Ovingdean. (The volume is intended as a companion to his previous publication, 'Rottingdean through Time'.)

Douglas spent some time at the school taking photos for the book which is available from Amazon (link below).

This photograph of the school, taken from the book, will, I am sure, interest readers.

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A history of St Mary's Hall 1836 - 1936 written by TJ Elliott TD MA, (Great Grandson of the Founder)

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Charlotte Bronte, 'Jane Eyre' &

St Mary's Hall. Written by former Head Pamela James in 1980, this article deals with the link between 'Lowood' (Cowan Bridge/Casterton School) and SMH.  Apologies for the less than perfect quality of the scan of a poor quality original.

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Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-1897). Author of Hymns and Religious Publications.

(Niece to Henry Venn and Charlotte)

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Brighton History - this is a useful resource for anyone researching the school in the context of its setting.