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Miss Meades’ history of the first 120 years of St Mary’s Hall.

We are deeply indebted to Jeanette Cureton (Smith) who was one of several visitors from our sister school St Mary’s Hall, Burlington, New Jersey. We ran an exchange programme with SMH for some years during the 1960s and it is both a regret and a puzzle that these ceased. However they have left us with ‘hands across the sea’ and thanks to Jeanette many of the girls who exchanged, both from and to Brighton are in touch with each other still. 

In the course of her research through her own papers, Jeanette came across the original of this scanned booklet of Miss Meades’ history of the first 120 years of St Mary’s Hall, which she thinks may have been given to her by ‘her’ headmistress, Miss Doris Conrady. We hope you enjoy looking through it.

Research (yet to be verified) suggests that Miss Eileen E Meades was born in 1911 and died in 2002 at the ripe old age of 91. She is registered as being in Highworth, Wiltshire at the time of the 1939 (War) Census as an English Teacher. She is referred to as Doris Conrady's

"Senior Mistress" in the 1955 Founders Day Headmistress's Report. Reference to this document is also made on page 31 of the 1956 Newsletter. The 1957 Headmistress's report mentions the recent departure of Miss Meades. As yet, the author has been unable to determine when Miss Meades joined the school.

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