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Following the closure of the School new homes had to be found for many items. SMHA no longer holds or has responsibility for any items although we are fortunate enough to have a comprehensive ‘virtual archive’ on this website including newsletters, registers, photographs etc..

The Archives for the School are mainly now lodged at “The Keep”, near Lewes for safe storage and access in perpetuity.​

Some items, such as the portraits of the Elliott family are lodged elsewhere.

The Keep has kindly provided SMHA with a full list of items held by them, (referenced as SMH-2) Click here

Other items which at one time formed part of the School’s archives are listed on the downloadable Excel Spreadsheet Master Archive for website with, where known, their current location. (If your computer asks whether is it safe to download/open this Spreadsheet, it is quite safe to do so).

Click the badge (to the left) to access an eclectic

mix of items scanned and

transcribed records for your

enjoyment and information.




​You can access the majority of items held at The Keep by creating a user account with them, or by visiting. Check out this link for more details:

Please be aware that there will be a charge for accessing items at The Keep. 

Items held at, for instance, The Spire Arts Centre (formerly St Mark’s Church); St George’s Church, (etc.), can be seen by applying to the relevant body. 

If you are seeking information on your own education, which you cannot find on SMH-2 (see above) and therefore access at The Keep, this may be available through Roedean School. 

Please see also our Registers page.


The history of funds loaned to SMHA being invested in CBF Church of England Investment Fund can be found here.

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