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Letter to Frederick Hervey,

1st Marquess of Bristol

30th March 1844 

concerning the possible erection of a

new church (St Mark's).

Henry Venn Elliott writes about

St Mark's Church

 May 22nd 1844

Henry Michell Wagner, Vicar of Brighton*, writes two letters to Henry Venn Elliott on 5th February 1859 . The first, advising that he had written to the Bishop; the second, praising him for his benevolence regarding the Blind Children's Asylum.

  * Until 1873, St Nicholas of Myra was the Parish Church of Brighton; it still is the Mother  Church and the only church in central Brighton of ancient interest. For those who remember Brighton, it is slightly north of Churchill Square.

Letter to the School Bursar (?) from Frederick Hervey, 2nd Marquess of Bristol - 26th November 1901 pertaining to the right of way also referred to in the letter from his heir (his nephew) in 1916.

(Hervey Terrace, which was bombed during the 2nd World War and replaced with Elliott House, was of course named for the family, as was one of the ‘houses’ of the school.)


Letter to the Headmistress from Frederick Hervey, 3rd Marquess of Bristol  - 13 June 1916, in which the The Marquess responds to the question whether “Hervey” and “Bristol” may be used for ‘houses’ of the school and agrees, but not without raising the vexed question of the right of way referred to in his predecessor's  letter of 26th November 1901 which resulted in the roadway leading to Bristol Gate.

Deeds and Leases pertaining to St Mary's Hall. A collection of images and transcribed items taken from documents held in the SMH archives at The Keep.

Part of Deeds for St Mary's Hall

Transcribed extracts from the Trustees Minute Books 1896 & 1897

An extract from the

1934 School Inspection.

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Hilary House Makeover

Saturday, 01 October 2011  - Hilary House has been dramatically changed following its purchase and development.

An article in the Financial Times explains here.


Letting Brochure

Post closure Estate Agents Letting Brochure for St Mary's Hall can be found here.

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